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Why Choose Clinimed

Enquire about our Rent-To-Own program today and accelerate the growth of your business tomorrow! By opting for Rent-To-Own, your initial investment can be significantly lower compared to purchasing the device outright and paying for it in full before you can start using it.

With CMA Rent-To-Own, you will own a brand new device at the end of the 12-month contract, with rental payments that only add up to the cost of the device without any hidden fees.

Additionally, we offer free device servicing during your rental period, so any repairs needed are on us at no extra cost to you.

Contact Our Business Development Manager today to see if CMA Rent-To-Own is suitable for your business.*

*CliniMed Aesthetics has the right to grant or refuse the participation of any business in the Rent-To-Own program and is not required to provide any reasoning for rejection of participation. By signing up to CliniMed Aesthetics Rent-To-Own, you agree to the terms and conditions for the program. You can find the full Terms & Conditions here. CliniMed Aesthetics has the right to withdraw or change the conditions of the Rent-To-Offer program at any time.

How it Works

Features &

You don’t need to pay large amounts upfront.

When signing up to Rent-To-Own with CMA, we only require a partial payment upfront. Without CMA Rent-To-Own, you would need to pay the full purchase price before taking delivery of your new device. With Rent-To-Own, you conserve your capital so it can be reinvested into other parts of your business, like marketing, which is equally as important to your financial success as the device you choose.

You will not receive expensive maintenance and repair bills.

CliniMed Aesthetics will cover any maintenance or repair bills your devices might require. As long as the damage is not deliberate or could have been avoided (i.e. dropping your machine or handpiece on the floor).

Only new device.

Because the device is yours at the end of your rental contract, it is only fair that you are getting a brand new device.

You won’t be hit with any hidden fees.

After your 12-month rental contract, the device is yours to keep. There’s no hidden fees. Quiet simply, the cost of the device is made up of your up-front payment + your 12 months rent which is the same as the list price of the device.

Flexible Payment Options.

We will set you up with a direct debit plan. Our standard plan is fortnightly payments, but you can also choose a plan with payments every 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CliniMed's rent to own program work?

With no hidden fees or repair and maintenance bills to cover, CliniMed’s rent-to-own program enables clinics and salons to access and trial the latest advancements in aesthetic technology before fully committing and purchasing the device.

When signing up with us, you’ll only be required to make a partial payment upfront, meaning you can manage your budget more effectively while evaluating the popularity of the treatment you’re offering. After 12 months of renting our aesthetic equipment, you will be eligible to own the brand-new device.

Why should I lease to own salon equipment?

Renting to own a device or aesthetic machine from CliniMed Aesthetics can offer several benefits, including: 

  • No large up-front payments — Whether renting aesthetic equipment to enhance your clinic offerings or hiring a fat-freezing machine to offer body shaping and sculpting services, we only require a partial payment upfront, so you can conserve your capital and reinvest it back into your business to focus on ventures like marketing and advertising. Leasing to own our salon equipment is a far more affordable option than purchasing the equipment outright, so you can spread the cost over time and manage your budget more effectively.
  • Flexible payment optionsRenting to own provides flexibility in terms of payment options and contract terms. We will set you up with a direct debit plan, and you’ll provide fortnightly payments. For total convenience, you can also select a plan to deliver payments once every four weeks. 
  • No repair bills — When renting to own our medical-grade machines and devices, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of maintenance or repair bills. We’ll cover all the costs if the damage to your machine or device is accidental and unavoidable. 
  • Maintenance support — When you hire or rent our fat-freezing machines, you’ll receive ongoing technical support, guidance and assistance from our expert team. Whether you’re encountering issues with your device or would like hands-on training from our in-house professionals, we offer device servicing and long-term assistance during your rental period and after you own the device.
  • Evaluation period — Renting a medical device before committing to ownership allows you to evaluate its performance, suitability, popularity and patient outcomes. This evaluation period will enable you to decide whether you wish to proceed with the ownership or explore other alternatives.
How long until I own the aesthetic device?

With our rent-to-own services, you’ll be eligible to own the brand-new device at the end of your 12-month contract. 

What are the benefits of a fat-freezing machine rental?

Renting a fat-freezing machine can offer several benefits for your clinic or salon, including: 

  • Cost-effectiveness — Renting a fat-freezing machine can be a more cost-effective option compared to purchasing one outright. It allows salon and clinic owners to access the equipment without the significant upfront investment, making it more financially feasible.
  • Access to the Latest Technology — Utilising the latest advancements in aesthetic technology, hiring a fat-freezing machine from CliniMed enables you to access innovative and advanced treatments without the need to purchase new equipment each time an upgrade is available.
Are there any differences between renting and buying a device?

There are significant differences between renting to own a device and buying a machine outright. Here are some key distinctions to consider:

  • Ownership — When you buy a device, you become the owner, and you have full control over its use and maintenance. On the other hand, when you rent to own our salon equipment, you are essentially leasing it for a specific period, and ownership remains with CliniMed until your 12-month contract is complete. 
  • Upfront investment — Buying a device requires a significant upfront investment, as you are responsible for purchasing the equipment outright. On the other hand, renting involves lower upfront costs, as you pay periodic rental fees instead of purchasing the device outright from the initial purchase.
  • Maintenance and repairs — As an owner, you are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of a purchased device, including servicing, replacing parts and any associated costs. When you lease to own salon equipment from CliniMed, we take care of these costs in addition to providing in-clinic technical support.

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