Innovative Body Shaping System

PowerShape2 is an innovative 3-in-1 device for skin tightening & cellulite
reduction using a combination of Bipolar RF, Low Level Laser, & Vacuum
Roller Technology.

Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment Solutions

Why Choose PowerShape2 Fat Melting & Cellulite Reduction Machine

With its 3-in-1 technology solution, PowerShape2™ effectively offers three individual treatments in one device for non-invasive cellulite reduction, skin tightening and targeted fat reduction.

Setting an industry benchmark in integrated Radio Frequency (RF) technology, PowerShape2™ integrates Bipolar RF, Low Level Laser, and Vacuum Roller technology for the most cost-effective treatment combinations.

With endless bespoke treatment opportunities tailored to suit the needs of your clients, this radio frequency skin tightening machine is safe, clinically proven & TGA Registered – ARTG No. 371472. With the ability to treat & target various areas of the body, including the delicate areas of the face and with the benefits of no required downtime, PowerShape2™ is the ideal RF skin tightening device that will set your clinic apart from your competitors. PowerShape2™ is easy to operate and with minimal ongoing consumables, it offers high ROI per treatment.

So, whether you’re hoping to expand your clinic offerings to welcome a broader clientele or looking for an innovative, science-backed RF machine that delivers multiple skin tightening treatments in one easy-to-use device, CliniMed’s radio frequency machine combines powerful technologies to treat various bodily areas while guaranteeing long-term results. 

From smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of lumps and bumps caused by cellulite to sculpting, contouring and slimming areas of concern while encouraging increased collagen production, this innovative RF skin tightening machine delivers the versatility your clients demand — so you can offer multiple treatments in one quick session. 

Roll Handpiece

Thermal Facial Applicator

Handpiece for

10.2 inch Digital
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PowerShape2™ offers multiple treatment applications. The powerful, innovative 3-in-1 system uses Bipolar RF, Low Level Laser, and Vacuum Roller technology. Clinically proven to successfully target body contouring & slimming, including fat & cellulite reduction. PowerShape2™ also uses focused Bipolar RF – targeted non-surgical medical grade skin tightening, the most sought after technology used to treat the delicate areas of the face, neck & décolletage. 

A non-invasive, pain-free approach makes the RF machine a safe and comfortable option for clients and the ideal alternative to surgical treatments that deliver skin rejuvenation and body contouring. With no downtime following a skin tightening treatment, the RF machine allows you to customise each session, meaning your clinic can offer a comprehensive range of reshaping and tightening solutions that address both bodily and facial aesthetic concerns.

Treatment Areas

PowerShape2™ is clinically proven to assist in regenerating collagen, and improving circulation which in-turn smoothens the surface of the skin.

Powershape2″ Body Treatment Technology

PowerShape2™ for RF Body Skin Tightening works by generating heat down in the collagen-rich dermis of the skin at temperatures of above 60°C. In response to the initial high heat energy, the skin stimulates a wound healing response at a dermal level. Ultilising an advanced F (radio frequency) technology to tighten the skin without any discomfort or downtime, nor damage to any other organs or tissue.

PowerShape2″ for Fat Reduction incorporates RF (Radio Frequency) for fat melting, RF for skin tightening, low level laser, and vacuum rolling to help melt fat. The fat is then naturally excreted from the body via the liver & lymphatic system. PowerShape2″ is  also clinically proven to assist collagen regeneration thus improving circulation to smoothen the surface of the skin. 

PowerShape2™ for Cellulite Reduction incorporates RF for fat melting, RF for skin tightening and low level laser. Vacuum rolling is also used to help melt the fat. PowerShape2″ is clinically proven to assist in regenerating collagen, and improving circulation which in turn smoothens the surface of the skin.

PowerShape2™ Technology

Radio Frequency (RF)
PowerShape2™ is designed to deliver thermal energy deep into the dermal layer sending electromagnetic waves. The generated heat energy reduces fat cells and helps body slimming. With a bipolar RF handpiece and a multipolar RF handpiece together you can treat various areas of the body.

The powerful vacuum function increases the blood circulation by stimulating the target areas which evens out the skin to optimise effcient RF energy delivery. The vacuum induces lymphatic drainage, smooths out the skin and helps cellulite reduction.

Low Level Laser
By delivery of specific wavelengths of laser light, the PowerShape2™ significantly reduces the size of fat cells to destabilise, then breaks down through the body’s own natural lymphatic process. It creates a synergy effect for body slimming thus maximising the effects of fat reduction.

Transform your clinic with PowerShape2™ — the most advanced RF skin tightening machine

CliniMed’s RF skin tightening device delivers the versatility and functionality required to offer a range of advanced non-invasive skin treatments.

If you’re unsure whether our radio frequency skin tightening machine is right for your business, we offer a rent-to-own program that enables you to be eligible to own the brand-new device at the end of your 12-month contract. With no hidden fees and ongoing technical support from our expert team, you can evaluate the device’s performance, suitability, popularity and patient outcomes before making a costly up-front investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Powerhouse of possibility, PowerShape2™ is a clinically proven & effective solution for an immediate result in reshaping & defining. With so many in-clinic treatment deliverables for your clients, we have configured a few client side Q&As, in the interest of opportunity, it’s always an ideal reference when considering how your clients will source available success stories.

What does PowerShape2™ provide in terms of treatment options?

PowerShape2™ offers unique & specialised treatment options, targeting cellulite reduction, fat reduction and skin rejuvenation of the body & delicate areas of the face & neck.

What are the unique benefits of PowerShape2™?

As a multi treatment device, PowerShape2™ targets to reduce cellulite whilst also rejuvenating the skin, and melting fat. It’s unique combination of treatment options in this very specialised area allows the therapist to customise & target individual treatment concerns on multiple levels.

What type of treatments can I provide to my clients using PowerShape2™?

PowerShape2™ offers a unique combination of Cellulite Reduction, Fat Reduction & RF Skin Tightening.

What are the advantages & benefits of PowerShape2™?
  • Treats various body types & multiple body areas including the delicate areas of the face.
  • Versatility in treating all different areas of stubborn fat and/or sagging skin within one device.
  • Comfortable, simple & fast treatments, clinically proven with a high level of patient satisfaction.
  • Non invasive, non-surgical, no anaesthesia required.
  • A non-surgical procedure with no downtime.
  • Helps reduce post-operative swelling by improving the blood circulation of the treated area.
  • Easy to operate.
  • No consumables means low cost of ownership. (except for thermal tip)
What are the clinical indicators associated with PowerShape2™?
  • Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite Improvement
  • Stimulates the metabolism, activates the lipolytic tissue pathway reducing fat of the targeted area
  • Mitigates the visual appearance of cellulite
  • Visible improvement of the skin right after the first treatment
  • Non-Surgical Post Liposuction Treatment