Permanent Hair Reduction

Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment Solutions

From waxing and the slow, painstaking process of plucking to the unsightly appearance of ingrown hairs that pop out of nowhere, everyday grooming can be a tedious task for men and women. The constant struggle against discomfort, rashes and irritation during these grooming routines can also make them feel like never-ending battles that test one’s patience.

If your clients are looking for a solution that reduces hair growth rate and cuts down on time spent shaving in the shower, CliniMed’s Clearlight IPL hair reduction device will resolve their concerns once and for all. Renowned for being one of the most innovative permanent hair reduction machines, the IPL device is the ideal alternative to traditional permanent hair removal techniques that can often cause pain and skin irritation.

Permanent hair reduction with the best IPL device

A game-changer in the field of permanent hair reduction, the IPL machine delivers gentle pulses of light that target and damage a pigment in the hair (known as melanin) to reduce hair growth rate. Melanin helps hair absorb the light from the flashes, stimulating the follicle to enter its resting phase, ultimately leading to smooth, bump-free skin. With a diverse range of filters, the IPL device also includes a dual mode that delivers permanent hair reduction for lighter-pigmented hair types.

A multi-purpose machine that delivers pain-free permanent hair reduction results

The IPL machine offered at CliniMed Aesthetics is the most advanced and innovative device available on the market. It employs a single, multi-purpose handpiece with a large spot size, allowing practitioners to cover large body areas in a single session, all within a shorter time frame. 

Beyond permanent hair reduction, the IPL machine is a breeze for practitioners to navigate. Along with the option to choose between single, double and triple pulses, the system streamlines the treatment process with an automatic filter identification feature that loads the appropriate software. This helps reduce the potential for human error and ensures efficacious results for every treatment the IPL machine offers — including thread vein reduction and skin rejuvenation to reduce visible signs of ageing. 

Advance your clinic offerings with the best IPL hair reduction device

You’re one click away from owning the best IPL hair reduction device — and experiencing the lasting convenience of utilising a single, multifunctional device that can be tailored to offer various aesthetic treatments. 

If you’re unsure whether the IPL machine is right for your clinic, we offer a Rent-To-Own program that allows you to access a brand-new device at the end of your 12-month contract with no hidden fees or additional costs. The rental instalments you make simply cover the IPL machine’s cost. To ensure your device is set up correctly and functioning optimally, the CMA team also offers free machine servicing during the rental period — all repair costs are on us.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does IPL work, and does the IPL device remove hair?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, a technology that employs a bright, short pulse of light to reduce hair growth rate, no remove it completely. The bursts of light target the hair’s follicle pigment, causing it to erode and be naturally absorbed by the body. With the option to alter the total amount of heat energy, the number of light pulses per second and the time between each pulse, the IPL machine can be tailored to suit various hair types.

Does the IPL hair removal device deliver permanent results?

No, many often mistake the IPL hair removal device for a tool that delivers permanent hair removal results. Instead, this machine only reduces the presence of active hair.

The body contains numerous hair follicles, and not all of them produce hair simultaneously — this means that dormant hair follicles may eventually become active, so clients could require ongoing maintenance sessions for the best results.

Is permanent hair reduction safe for all skin types and hair colours?

Yes, the IPL machine works with a lower concentration of light, automatically adjusting the intensity of each pulse to suit almost every skin tone and hair type. Whether your client has light hair with shades of red and blonde or hopes to target hard-to-reach areas, the IPL machine can be tailored with specific filters and handpieces to customise the permanent hair reduction treatment.

The IPL hair reduction device also features built-in mechanisms that cool the skin before and after each strong pulse of light, ensuring your clients remain comfortable, calm and pain-free throughout the treatment process while reducing the risk of burns and redness in the surrounding treatment areas.