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Experience the Power of HydraBeauty: A Professional 3-in-1 Skincare
Solution for Hydration, Rejuvenation & Deep Cleansing

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Why Choose CliniMed HydraBeauty™ for your Hydro Facial

Our Hydrodermabrasion Machine’s Combination Of 3 Technologies For Complete Skin Care

HydraBeauty™ is an advanced hydra facial machine that combines three advanced skincare technologies for complete skin care for your customers.

The three technologies — microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion and electroporation, combine deep clean and exfoliation, extractions, antioxidant infusion and penetration of active ingredients to promote long-term skin health benefits.

HydraBeauty™ painlessly removes dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads to improve acne-prone or congested skin. With the added benefit of providing intense hydration for ageing, dull and dehydrated skin, our professional microdermabrasion machine is suitable for all skin types. It will leave your customers with clearer, brighter and more radiant skin.

TGA Registered, ARTG No. 391630




Convenient Touchscreen user interface

3-Step Hydrodermabrasion Facial Treatment With Premium Cellumla™ Solutions

AHA epidermal cleansing using fruit extracts to boost collagen production, dissolve bacteria, sebum and cosmetic residue in the pores.

BHA – T-Zone intensive care, control for sebum, black-heads, white-heads and acne.

Hydrate, Calm & Revitalise.
Portulaca Extract known for its potent antioxidant and hydrating benefits is infused into the skin. Providing anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and skin smoothing benefits.


CliniMed HydraBeauty™ Clinical Indicators

• Skin Tone Improvement
• Skin Texture Improvement
• Dead Skin Removal
• Black-head Removal
• White-head Removal
• Acne Improvement

How Does the HydraBeauty™ Microdermabrasion Machine Work?


Using a powerful combination of two types of unique treatment heads: Vacuum & Vortex/Vacuum & Spiral, your customers will receive both an exfoliation and a micro-dermabrasion effect with deep cleansing of the skin’s surface at the same time. The skin will become clearer, brighter and more hydrated.


Our diamond tip microdermabrasion machine offers a non-surgical option for facial skin cleansing. The unique combination of the diamond tip and vacuum technology ensures that the dead skin cell particles and impurities are transported away from the skin’s surface.

This procedure removes dead skin cells and can improve imperfections, including wrinkles and unwanted skin pigmentation, leaving your customers with a glowing and radiant look.



Our electroporation machine’s micro-currents create a temporary opening in the cell membranes, allowing the penetration of active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin.

Technical Advantages of Our HydraBeauty device

  • Ergonomic multifunctionality
  • Technologies with synergic effects
  • Multifunctional system for body and facial treatments
  • Convenient auto-cleaning system
  • Personalised treatments
    • Vacuum – 5 levels
    • Infusion – 3 levels
    • Electroporation – 10 levels

Technical Advantages

  • Ergonomic Multifunctionality
  • Technologies With Synergic Effects
  • Multifunctional System For Body &
    Facial Treatments
  • Convenient Auto-Cleaning System
  • Personalised Treatments
    • Vacuum – 5 Levels
    • Infusion – 3 Levels
    • Electroporation – 10 Levels

Before and After Treatment Areas


Skin Tone


Discover the benefits a hydrafacial machine can bring to your clinic

As one of the latest, most innovative advancements in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, the hydrodermabrasion machine is a medical-grade skin resurfacing solution that delivers rejuvenating results for every client, regardless of their skin type or the areas they wish to treat. 

If your clinic hopes to enhance its offerings and deliver various hydro microdermabrasion solutions to address facial and bodily concerns, here are the treatments the device offers in one safe, easy-to-hold handpiece. 

Hydro microdermabrasion

By buffing away the uppermost layer of the dermis — which is usually prone to blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles — microdermabrasion helps to improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Perfect for those looking to combat acne breakouts, minimise congestion, unclog pores and reduce the prevalence of whiteheads and blackheads, a hydrodermabrasion facial corrects, strengthens and clarifies the skin for a soft, smooth, rejuvenated appearance. 


Combining the principles of microdermabrasion with hydrating serums, hydrodermabrasion exfoliates the skin while infusing it with antioxidant-rich serums tailored to your client’s skin type. 

Perfect for those with sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin who can’t tolerate the intensity of microdermabrasion, this treatment improves overall skin texture and tone, making it appear smoother and more radiant. Regular hydrodermabrasion facials can also assist in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making it an efficacious anti-ageing treatment. 


With 10 powerful levels of electroporation built into the hydrafacial machine, this non-invasive technique transports the serums into the cells and skin tissue. By applying short electrical pulses that create temporary pores in the skin’s cellular membranes, the active ingredients can penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis, allowing the topical serums and nutrients to be absorbed more effectively. From promoting collagen production to addressing specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne breakouts, clogged pores, dehydration and common signs of ageing, the hydra machine for facials is a safer alternative to an injectable treatment and provides a pain-free experience. 

Enhancing your clinic with HydraBeauty™’s Hydrafacial machine

Combining three technologies in one ergonomically designed device that allows for easy handling, the hydrafacial machine can significantly elevate the standard of skincare services offered within your clinic, leading to increased client satisfaction, among other benefits, including:  

A comprehensive skincare solution

With microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion and electroporation, your clinic can offer a complete skincare treatment in one device. From infusing the skin with moisture to reduce visible signs of ageing to gentle exfoliation, extraction and antioxidant infusion, a hydrafacial treatment delivers a range of benefits that cater to every skin condition and concern.

Enhanced skin health

Unlike other treatments tailored to deliver results for a specific skin type, the hydrafacial machine benefits dull, oily, dry, ageing, combination, sensitive and acne-prone skin. This means your clinic can offer hydrodermabrasion facials to any client looking to improve their long-term skin health. 

Non-invasive and pain-free

From the extraction of stubborn blackheads to the removal of dead skin cells to reveal the brighter, smoother skin hiding underneath, HydraBeauty delivers immediate results without discomfort, redness, swelling or skin irritation. 

Increased client revenue

Offering advanced treatments like HydraBeauty™ can significantly boost your clinic’s revenue streams. By providing a range of in-demand treatments that utilise the latest in skincare technology, your salon can cater to a broader client base. Plus, HydraBeauty™ allows clinics to offer bespoke treatment plans, further driving client interest and long-term customer loyalty. 

Bring the future of skincare to your clinic with the best hydrafacial machine in Australia

If your clinic is ready to experience the transformative power of a hydrafacial treatment, consider our rent-to-own program. This unique initiative enables clinics to trial the latest advancements in aesthetic technology before committing and purchasing the hydrodermabrasion facial device. With no hidden fees and ongoing technical support available, you can manage your budget more effectively and assess the treatment’s popularity before owning the device after your 12-month trial. 

Looking for more innovative, non-invasive treatments to boost client satisfaction? From fat reduction and cellulite machines to body contouring devices, CliniMed has a suite of options just waiting for you to discover. Contact us online today to begin the process of acquiring a brand-new hydrafacial machine in Australia

Why CliniMed Has the Best Professional Microdermabrasion Machine

At CliniMed, we have made a name for ourselves in supplying the best microdermabrasion machines for clinics, practitioners, therapists and health and wellness professionals across Australia. Our hydro microdermabrasion machines are state-of-the-art, non-invasive technologies that are safe, TGA-registered and easy to operate to treat client concerns. 

Our team of professionals has years of industry expertise in skin care, beauty, aesthetics, medical technology and more, so you can rest assured you will be well informed of how our microdermabrasion machine for salons is right for your business. We’re not just here for a quick fix — our team is available to provide ongoing support so you can choose the right product for your business. 

CliniMed — Providing Cutting-Edge Non-Surgical, TGA-Certified Aesthetic Devices to Beauty Businesses

Aside from our HydraBeauty hydro dermabrasion machine, we also stock the CoolShaping2 Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing machine and CoolShaping Fat Freezing machine. Learn more about our non-invasive aesthetic devices by sending us a request here. If you need more assistance, find a clinic near you and reach out to our sales and support team — they would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HydraBeauty™ Really Work?

YES! The 3-in-1 technology is clinically proven to cleanse and hydrate the skin with the clinical indicators showing

  • Skin Texture Improvement
  • Dead Skin Removal
  • Black-head Removal
  • White-head Removal
  • Acne Improvement
What areas can be treated?

HydraBeauty™ is suitable for both face and body, making it a versatile treatment solution for skin conditions for the whole body.

How long does it take to see results from HydraBeauty™?

Your clients will see immediate results after treatment.

Is there any downtime with HydraBeauty™?

There is no downtime at all with HydraBeauty™. Once the treatment is completed, your clients will be left with clean, glowing and hydrated skin.

How many treatments will your clients need?

In most cases, we recommend HydraBeauty™ as a part of your client’s ongoing professional beauty regiment with one treatment per month.

Are there any consumables?

There are some consumables for HydraBeauty™ with the treatment auto cleansing solutions. You can purchase the premium Cellmula™ solutions through CliniMed.

Some of the Key Benefits of HydraBeauty™
  • The treatment is is non-invasive with immediate results
  • The 3-in-1 technology offers complete professional skin care for your clients
  • The hydro-dermabrasion with the vacuum technology not only provides a micro-dermabrasion, but also transports dead skin cells and impurities away from the skin.
What does the HydraBeauty™ machine do?

The HydraBeauty™ machine packs a pretty potent punch, combining three advanced technologies to deliver complete skin care. It combines hydro dermabrasion and microdermabrasion in one device — and with the added benefit of electroporation, the HydraBeauty™ machine is one of the best and most versatile professional skin care devices available on the market today.

The hydro dermabrasion uses a specialised tip with two technologies incorporated — the Vacuum & Vortex/Vacuum & Spiral. Together, these provide deep cleansing of the skin’s surface, resulting in a brighter, more hydrated complexion.

With electroporation, the microcurrents create a temporary opening on the cell’s membranes so active ingredients can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.

How many HydraBeauty™ treatments are recommended?

The number of treatments varies depending on the patient’s skin condition. However, in most cases, the best results are seen with treatments every 1 to 2 weeks for the initial treatment schedule and regular maintenance thereafter.