Proven Fat Reduction

Non-invasive permanent fat reduction using proven Cryolipoloysis Fat Freezing technology.

Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment Solutions

Why Choose CoolShaping – Fat Freezing Machine

CoolShaping™ offers an advanced body slimming solution by using intergrated cyro & vacuum technologies. The system targets to destroy fat & treat cellulite, with the interchangeable specialised applicators to complete effective treatments during dual or singular operational output. CoolShaping™ uses patented controlled cooling cryolipolysis technology, delivered by a super cooling vacuum applicator system. CoolShaping™ targets to crystallise & destroy fat cells or tissue contained within the treated area at -10° degrees. Studies show fat cells or tissue are more susceptible to cryolipolysis cold temperatures more than any other skin cells or tissue, thus causing only fat cell degeneration, with no organ or tissue damage. The crystalised frozen fat is then excreted naturally from the body via the liver & lymphatic system.

2x Medium Handpiece
125 x 189 x 138mm

Optional Large Handpiece
125 x 217 x 141mm

Optional Small Handpiece
100 x 146 x 111mm

Optional Mini Applicator piece
1.2kg, 70 x 139 x 200mm



CoolShaping™ fat freezing, or cryolipolysis as it’s known in the aesthetic industry, is a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to liposuction. As a cost effective long term investment, predominantly due to huge leaps in the technology & continued success stories, including the low cost of consumables, CoolShaping fat freezing treatments are accepted as an affordable & realistic way to remove stubborn fat from the parts of the body that just straight-up refuse to budge.

Treatment Areas

Targeting unwanted fat & treating cellulite with CoolShaping™ technology is a safe & effective non-surgical body contouring option, with the abilty to safely and effectively target & treat small areas such as the chin, along with larger areas including stomach & thighs. There is no down-time, with the bonus option of treating two areas in one session.

CoolShaping Technology

CoolShaping™ delivers cryo-energy during the treatment, complimented by vacuum and LED technologies which enhance fat freezing treatment effects. The CoolShaping™ unit includes two interchangable medium applicators (optional mini, small & large also available), allowing dual treatment area opportunity. Whilst also protecting the skins surface, the focused cryo-energy targets by crystalising & then destroying fat cells without damage to other skin tissues or organs.

Cryo Cooling
CoolShaping™ begins by delivering the cryo-cooling treatment, targeting the fat cells commencing apoptosis, initiating fat cell degeneration & cessation.

Cryo Reaction
The fat cells in the target area start to have a cryo-reaction. The break-down of fat cells is also clinically proven to show a visual reduction in the first treatment.

Induced Cryolipoloysis
Following the initial treatment, fat cells reach their biological cessation. The crystalised frozen fat is then excreted naturally from the body via the liver & lymphatic system.