Technology Spotlight: PowerShape2

With so many treatment options, PowerShape2™ benefits a variety of patients/clients. PowerShape2™ is suitable for all skin types. The customisable  non-surgical technology targets face and body contouring, non-surgical skin tightening, non-surgical lipolysis (induced fat melting/fat cavitation/fat  reduction), non-surgical cellulite reduction & non-surgical skin rejuvenation. PowerShape2™ is suitable for adults in good health who wish to lift,  tighten, tone, smooth & firm specific areas of the face or body without the invasive medical procedures or downtime associated with traditional  cosmetic surgery.

How does PowerShape2 reduce the
appearance of cellulite?

The compact portable PowerShape2™ is a non-surgical device that supplies non-invasive medical-grade radiofrequency (RF) that mitigates the appearance of cellulite, complimented by low level laser fat cavitation technology, which successfully smooths, firms & tones skin, using only medical-grade technology, reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

The advanced technology of PowerShape2™ benefits general skin tightening by using a non-ablative method via Radiofrequency (RF) to penetrate deeply into the skins dermis & deeper hypodermis subcutaneous fat layer. The PowerShape2™ Radiofrequency (RF) works by creating safe controlled heat that stimulates the production of new collagen without any damage to the superficial (surrounding) skin. With collagen being the most common protein (also encouraging the production of adiponectin protein) response in your body, it creates the framework of your skin that gives skin its firmness.  

With the next generation in body contouring & skin tightening treatments, PowerShape2™ offers multiple treatment applicators, equipping practitioners, therapists & clinicians with industry coveted aesthetic technology & desired outcomes in non-surgical cellulite treatments. From simple improvements in delicate problem areas, to major full-body transformation, PowerShape2™ is the most highly recognised and clinically regarded cellulite reduction treatment technology currently available. Backed by TGA certification, PowerShape2™ non-surgical cellulite treatment results speak for themselves.

What is Cellulite?

In medical terms, cellulite forms when pockets of fat squeeze between bands (Septa – a thin wall or membrane that separates two parts) of tissue under  the skin (Epidermis – top layer). These bands (Fibres Septa), are designed to hold fat in place, however depending on genetics, fat cells can squeeze  between the fibres septa, creating a lumpy ‘dimple’ look. From a medical perspective, men rarely have cellulite, this is because for men the bands of  skin tissue – septa, that keeps the subcutaneous fat in place are in a criss-cross pattern, making them stronger than those in women, whose Fibres  Septa run in parallel lines.

How does Radiofrequency Work?

Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening is a radio frequency sound wave that gently heats the targeted collagen fibres immediately tightening them. New  collagen is also stimulated by the fibroblasts in the deeper layer of the skin over the next few months. The radiofrequency also improves blood flow  and lymphatic drainage, encouraging improved oxygen supply and toxin removal (via lymphatic drainage) to further reduce the effects of ageing.

Layers of skin tissue affected by fat cells pushing between  the fibres septa, creating the formation of cellulite.

Layers of skin tissue unaffected by fat cells pushing  between the fibres septa.

Advantages of PowerShape2 Radiofrequency
Non-Surgical Cellulite Treatments

• Heats up the tissues of both the superficial and the deep layers of the skin structure 
• Increases the intracellular distribution of oxygen through the increase of the tissue temperature 
• Improves microcirculation, assists the activation of fibroblasts 
• Stimulates the metabolism, activates the lipolytic tissue pathway reducing the local fat of the targeted area 
• Profound toning, regardless of the patient’s age 
• Reduces stretch marks and prevents their appearance 
• Visible improvement of the skin right after the first treatment 
Mitigates the visual appearance of cellulite

Clinical Indicators of PowerShape2
Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

• Skin Tightening
• Cellulite Improvement
• Fat Cell Reduction
• Circumference Reduction
• Non-Surgical Post Liposuction Treatment

Advantages & Benefits of Non-Surgical

Cellulite Reduction with PowerShape2

• Treats various body types and multiple body areas including the delicate areas of the face.
• Versatility in treating all different areas of stubborn fat and/or sagging skin within one device.
• Comfortable, simple and fast treatments, clinically proven high level of patient satisfaction.
• Non invasive, Non surgical, No anaesthesia required.
• A non-surgical procedure with no downtime.
• Helps reduce post-operative swelling by improving the blood circulation of the treated area.
PowerShape2™ is easy to operate.

BEFORE: PowerShape2™
Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

3RD TREATMENT: PowerShape2™
Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

4TH TREATMENT: PowerShape2™
Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

With the increasing market demand for non-surgical cellulite treatments, PowerShape2™ offers a high ROI that is validated by your clinic offering clients the most innovative technology available, clinically proven to meet the needs of clients non-invasive targeted cellulite treatment concerns.
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